Flanged Angle Needle Valve

Flanged Angle Needle Valve

  • Specification range: dn10-dn50
  • Temperature range: soft seat + PTFE ≤ 120 ℃ / hard seat + graphite ≤ 450 ℃
  • Pressure range: 1000PSI ~ 5000PSI
  • Valve body material: ss304/ss316/wc6/wc9
  • Stem material: ss304/ss316/wc6/wc9
  • Valve disc material: ss304/ss316/wc6/wc9
  • Connection mode: double ferrule, ferrule welding and external thread connection

Flanged Angle Needle Valve Introduction

flanged angle needle valve

The flange angle needle valve is installed at a 90 degree right angle between the outlet end and the inlet end. It has convenient installation and disassembly and good sealing performance. It is used to open or cut off the pipeline in the instrument measurement pipeline system. 

It has the advantages of convenient installation and disassembly, tight connection, conducive to fire prevention, explosion-proof, high pressure resistance and good sealing performance. It is a convenient connection valve in power station, oil refining, chemical plant and instrument measurement pipeline.

Flanged Angle Needle Valve Features

  1. Compact and lightweight;
  2. Teflon sealing pressure device;
  3. No leakage during valve stem operation;
  4. The sealing packing under the thread can prevent the thread from being corroded by the fluid medium;
  5. Two piece valve stem, non rotary design of valve tip, so as to realize rapid sealing and prolong service life;
  6. Two flow ports with appropriate flow direction;
  7. Pass static pressure test.