Multi-function Needle Valve

Multi-funcion Needle Valve

  • Connection mode: internal thread connection
  • Stem: upper thread features
  • Inspection and test of valves: API 598
  • Maximum nominal
  • pressure: 16MPa
  • Applicable temperature: – 40 ≈ 500 ℃
  • Valve body material: A105, SS304, ss304l, SS316, SS316L, wc6, wc9
  • Specification: ¢ 6 ≈¢ 20

Multi-funcion Needle Valve Introduction

Multi-function needle valve

Multi function needle valve is used to open or cut off the pipeline in the instrument measuring pipeline system. The valve with flexible pin with external thread is a kind of valve which can be adjusted accurately. It has good sealing performance. It is generally suitable for medium of gas or liquid with small flow, high temperature and high pressure, and also suitable for use with pressure gauge.