High Sealing Sample Needle Valve

High Sealing Sample Needle Valve

  • Connection form of high seal sampling valve:
    Pipe joint internal thread connection
  • Structural features of high seal sampling valve:
    Hard and soft double sealing pair; Floating disc; Right angle channel
  • Valve inspection and test:API 598

High Sealing Needle Valve Introduction

High Seal Sample Needle Valve

The high sealing sampling needle valve is suitable for sampling representative slurry samples in the water layer far away from the pipe wall in the middle of the penstock. Due to the unique design of the opening mechanism, the opening position of the sampling needle valve always remains unchanged, so that the sampling operation does not depend on the skills of the operators. Therefore, the sample can accurately reflect the concentration of the medium. 

The sample needle valve has the advantages of convenient installation, simple structure and less maintenance. The is also provided with a flushing water inlet to remove old samples; The valve can be used in mining, papermaking, food, chemical and other industrial processes for treating suspension and non abrasive solids.