Five Valve Manifold

Five Valve Manifold

1. Specification: 1 / 4NPT, 1 / 2NPT;
2. Materials: A105, f304, f304l, F316, f316l;
3. Pressure: ≤ 6000PSI;
4. Temperature: PTFE ≤ 170 ℃;

Flanged Angle Needle Valve Introduction

The five valve manifold is suitable for supporting the installation of various differential pressure, flow, liquid level and other transmitters in the instrument device. It is the same as the three valve manifold in that the positive and negative measuring chambers of the differential pressure transmitter are connected or disconnected from the measuring chamber. 

The advantage of the five valve manifold over the three valve manifold is that the instrument can be checked on-line (on-site), verified, calibrated or blowdown washed at any time, so as to reduce the cost of installation, construction and effectiveness, Improve installation speed and quality.

Five Valve Manifold Features

  • 1. Compact and lightweight;
  • Low torque, light and easy to operate;
  • Enhanced Teflon sealing pressure device, absolutely no leakage during valve stem operation;
  • Two flow ports with appropriate flow direction;
  • The inlet seal shall be set according to the standard;
  • Components can be repaired and replaced to prolong their service life;
  • Raw materials of all main components are traceable;
  • 100% pass the static pressure 1000PSI nitrogen test;
  • All materials, properties and structures meet relevant requirements;